Thanks to your commitment and generosity we can now install water tanks for 600 Wichi children in Salta!

Due to the drought between the months of March to December, the Wichi community in Salta suffers from water shortages. Many of them live between 30 and 100 kilometers from the water treatment plant that provides them with water, and when they have the chance to fetch it, they can only carry a few 2-liter cans, because that is all that the motorcycle or bicycle carries.

That is why Sumando Manos is installing 600-liter tanks in 200 family homes in the towns of Morillo and Los Blancos, Province of Salta.

In this way, when it rains, they can fill the tank and accumulate water for future use, and in the event of a drought, the municipality can fill the tank and prevent the residents from traveling to the water treatment plant.

For more detailed information about the project, write to contactenos@sumandomanos.

Throughout 14 years of continuous work, the Foundation has helped more than 12,000 children.

The red color indicates areas with 60% of the population below the poverty line.

We are a non-profit association, founded to give a hand to hundreds of children in need and extending the other to anyone who wants to help.

The foundation

Sumando Manos was founded in 2005 by a group of friends living in Miami, with the aim of providing help to needy children and adolescents in Argentina. We are mothers, fathers, brothers and friends who hope to help achieve a better world.

We have a common concern and a shared concern; not stand idly by when the possibilities of help are within our reach and the needs are so urgent.

Financial responsibility is a matter of primary importance to Sumando Manos. We have established rigorous accounting and financial reporting procedures to ensure that funds and products are used appropriately.

In most cases, cash is not sent, but works are carried out directly, supervised by people from the foundation.

Sumando Manos Foundation is based in the United States (Miami, FL) and is registered as a 501 (C) (3) entity and all contributions received by the foundation are fully tax deductible: EIN: 43-2091998 / DLN: 17053243048037


Thanks to all those who with their generosity trust us to be the link with the children who need it most.

Every hour of collaboration, every donation, every peso or dollar raised has an exponential impact that allows us all to meet the invaluable goal of achieving and continuing to work “For the smile of a child.”