A non-profit association, founded in 2005, to give a hand to thousands of children in need and that extends the other to anyone who wants to help.

As the poet Maya Angelou said:

 «They may forget what you said and they may forget what you did, but they will never forget what you made them feel.«. This is what our mission is about, to make children feel that they are important and have a chance.»

Sumando Manos Foundation is registered as a 501(C) (3) entity and all contributions to it are fully tax-deductible EIN: 43-2091998 / DLN: 17053243048037.

United States Team:​
​Guillermo Donaire, Graciela Fandiño, Luis Fandiño, Alejandro Itkins, Ana Magrini, Roxana Morales, German Previsdomini, Karina Tenenbaum, Marcelo Tenenbaum y Viviana Vela.

Our representative in Argentina:​
​Teresa Donaire

Objectives of the Sumando Manos Foundation

Gradually improve the quality of life of children through the creation of a long-term bond of trust with those responsible for the schools, homes and communities we help. Propose, in the same way, a reliable and constant relationship with our donors.

To achieve the well-being of thousands of children, the foundation aims to provide:

* Nutritional supplements.
* Medical and dental assistance.
* Preventive health education to promote better hygiene and eating habits.
* General help to achieve the well-being of children
(infrastructure, donations of educational materials, donation of clothing and footwear, etc).
* Follow-up in populations with children in situations of critical malnutrition.

The Argentine Republic faces a major nutritional emergency in more than 4000 rural schools. This crisis is aggravated by:

  • Lack of health, medical and educational assistance.
  • State aid is scarce or provided infrequently.
  • Precarious infrastructure in remote places with difficult access.

Children walk up to 8 km to get to school (Misiones)

Rural schools are the primary containment site, where children, in many cases, receive their only daily meal. They are also used as first aid rooms to centralize the pediatric and dental services implemented by our Foundation.

The Foundation makes trips to different provinces during the year.
Getting to each school is a challenge.

How we are organized

How we help

Since 2005, more than 12,000 children have received help through our organization.

  • Infrastructure : wells and water tanks, filters for drinking water systems, bathrooms, roofs, floors, windows, painting, electrical and generator installations, orchards, building constructions and brick manufacturing.

  • Education and Recreation: School supplies, books, toys and games

  • Food : Breakfast program, delivery of perishable and non-perishable food.

  • Clothing and footwear: donations made by our collaborators.

  • Health and Personal Hygiene: Pediatric and dental care. Preventive health education and medical examinations by volunteers from the Santa Clara Foundation, FANDA, Camino a la casita y small steps.

  • Furniture, general equipment for schools, electrical appliances and tools.

Our effort to provide a solution to the drinking water problem

The implementation of purification systems, wells and water tanks prevents deaths from malnutrition and contamination. The schools we have helped are the following: EEP N* 676 Lote 4, Chaco – Paraje el Colchon, Chaco – Esc. N8 239 Pampa Chica, Chaco – Esc. N8 395 Paraje Pampa Ombu, Chaco – Esc. N8 734 Ejercito de los Andes, Pje Lote 3, Pampa Chica, Chaco – Anexo EEP N* 676 Lote 4, Chaco (trabajo realizado en Memoria de Daniel Donaire) – ESC. N* 916 Juan Jose Castelli, Paraje el Gramillar, Chaco – Esc. N8 634 Provincias Argentinas, Pje Fortin Brown, Pampa del Indio, Chaco – Esc. N*365 “Eduardo Alsina” Huancar, Jujuy.

Our activities

Organized events in which the foundation participates to raise funds:

  • On-line Platforms: Global giving, Caring Crowd, Facebook, Network for Good and Bright Funds.
  • Individual events: In Crowdrise (Anniversaries, birthdays, sporting events)
  • Smile amazon recalling with each purchase made through that platform.
  • Corporate Events: American Express, Microsoft Giving Campaign, VM Ware, Johnson & amp; Johnson and Discovery.
  • Trick Tournaments
  • Soccer tournaments
  • Padel Tournaments
  • Raffles

Ways of income

Some of the schools:

Chaco, Pampa del Indio – Catamarca – Chaco, Pampa Chica -Santigo del Estero, Tala Atun – Jujuy, La Cienaga – Salta, Rosario de la Frontera