In 2017, the installation of water filters was carried out in conjunction with the Sumando Solidaridad Foundation, from Buenos Aires, Santiago del Hoyo and Marta Azcueta.

Between 9 and 16 students rotate at the school, but the community benefited by the work is 55 people. 9 of the children sleep at school.
The water from the existing borehole came with excess nitrates. The calcium sediments were very high and the acidity exceeded normal parameters, making the water unfit for consumption.

The directors of the establishment decided to make a garden to expand the diet and educate the children in that sense. Although it is already bearing fruit, the ideal place to locate said garden is 50 meters from the school for reasons of level and quality of land. Therefore, we installed a PVC pipe with a tap because the children had to carry the irrigation water more than half a block.
Thanks to this work, not only the children but the whole place.