Esc. Intercultural Bilingue Nº 905 (Base School) located in Paraje Picada Guarani, El Soberbio, Misiones immersed in the Mbya Guaraní Community of Tekoa Chafaríz with 170 students.

This school is located 23 km from the nearest town. In addition to the base school, there are 3 Satellite Classrooms run by Director Diego Carballo.

  • Aldea Ygua Porá Satellite Classroom (32 students)
  • Aldea Caramelito Satellite Classroom (28 students)
  • Aldea Chafariz Kindergarten Satellite Classroom (16 students)

These schools are part of the monthly food program «For a Child’s Breakfast» and also receive material donations, which include clothing, footwear, school supplies, books, toys, computers, medicines, non-perishable food and other items according to the needs of the boys.