Rural School No. 365 «Eduardo Calsina» is located at an altitude of more than 4100 meters, isolated, in one of the areas in the world with the greatest amplitude ends (it can vary from 27 degrees to -18 degrees centigrade between day and night). One of the main problems that Huancar inhabitants face every day is the contamination of Arsenic and Fluorine in the water, as a consequence of the volcanic sediments in the area.

This highly complex work, due to geographical location, access, climate and technology, included the installation of the filters necessary for the reduction of arsenic and fluoride, integrated into a system of water tanks and electric water tank to ensure complete processing. water, prevent freezing and rely on a simple and minimal maintenance system was completed in November 2016.

The water tests carried out by Agua Potable de Jujuy yielded excellent results, indicating that the levels of arsenic and fluoride are now below the maximum parameters allowed for consumption. (World Health Organization).

All projects related to water consumption are key to improving the quality of life of children because they are essential for their health, nutrition, hygiene and prevention, and learning.

This work was possible thanks to many people who collaborate in different ways. From inspiration, work or donation, each of you was key so that today it is a reality to know that the 82 boys who attend school 365 in Huancar (Jujuy) will no longer consume poisoned water, and feel that they have a better opportunity to grow and learn.

Special thanks to teachers Maria Eugenia Toconas and Monica Lilian Lescano, and through them to all rural teachers for their commitment, dedication and love for the children; to Santiago Del Hoyo (Specialist in Water Treatment), Marta B Azcueta, and Wilfredo Daniel Alvarez who are responsible for making the execution of this work a reality in Huancar, Jujuy.