La Quiaca is a city located north of the province of Jujuy. One of the most impressive stretches is the ridge, more than 4200 meters above sea level, 30 km from Santa Catalina and just over 90 km from La Quiaca, is the northernmost town: El Angosto, is a true Oasis in the depths of our puna. Just 5 kms from the border with Bolivia, it is. Head of the Yavi department and serves as a border crossing with Bolivia, through the city of Villazón with which it currently forms a conurbation of more than 50,000 inhabitants. Here is one of the schools that receives material donations, including clothing, footwear, school supplies, medicine and non-perishable food. They receive annual visits from doctors and dentists from the Santa Clara Civil Association with whom we share a solidarity-humanitarian project in border schools and native communities.