As of July 2021, shipments of food for breakfast and/or lunch and material donations were restarted to all the aid centers with which we have collaborated for many years.


• Esc # 905 Paraje Picada Guarani, El Soberbio, Misiones – Number of Children: 246
• Satellite Classroom of Ygua Porá Village
• Caramelito Village Satellite Classroom
• Kindergarten Satellite Classroom of Aldea Chafariz.
• Guillermo Donaire School No. 373 El Button El Soberbio, Misiones – Number of Children: 30
• Schools in various cities, Province of Chaco – Number of Children: 625
• School #239 “Pedro Inchauspe”, Paraje Pampa Chica 105 children
• School #916, El Gramillar, Pampa del Indio 22 children
• School #395 Pampa del Indio, 13 children
• School #1015, Pampa del Indio, 120 children
• School #616, Paraje El Salvaje, Pampa del Indio 10 children
• Esc.#371 «Ernesto Ocampo», Vlla Berthet 30 children
• School #239 “Pedro Inchauspe”, Paraje Pampa Chica, 105 children
• Esc #932 in Pozo el Algarrogo, Paraje Las Margaritas, Miraflores, 47 children
• School #55 (School Annex 157), Rincon del Zorro area, La Leonesa, 9 children
• Esc #718 “Ex-combatants”, Lot 18, Vlla Berthet 48 children
• School #201 Provincial Route 4, Lot 8, Samahu, 48 children
• School #395 in Paraje Pampa Ombu, Machagai, 9 children
• School #409 in La Aurora field, General San Martin, 59 children

Schools assisted through the Santa Clara Association – Number of Children:

• School #4130 “Battle of Salta”, Paraje Santa Maria, Rosario de la Frontera, Salta, 64 children
• Esc #634 and its annex “Argentine Provinces”, Paraje Las Bravas and Fortín Brown. 14 children
• Esc #676 “Islas Malvinas”, Lot 4, Paraje Pampa del Indio, 21 children
This school has been bought a gas pipe, kitchen regulator and stove, educational material for teachers and students.


• Dining rooms in Ushuaia, Buenos Aires, Misiones and Salta
– Through the Fundación Pequeños Pasos with its centers, Ushuaia and San Martin (Buenos Aires), the delivery of food was intensified and nutritional support continued. In El Soberbio (Misiones) and the aforementioned centers, preparations began for the implementation of craft workshops for children and adolescents.

– Together with the La Casita Foundation in Gonzalez Catan (Buenos Aires), the needs of the children and families who attend the center were met without interruption, with 700 plates of food each day starting in March. Among its activities, piano and guitar classes continued; the basketball and chess workshops; computer workshops, sewing and as always, school support. Medical care was also provided and the pediatrician specializing in nutrition assisted babies, children, adolescents, pregnant women, mothers and grandmothers due to the fact that the primary care rooms in the neighborhood were closed or with extremely reduced consultations.

• Kitchens in Salta, Tucumán and Santa Fe Service Center for children with cancer in Misiones
Through the Sai Foundation, the task of distributing food, educational activities in human values ​​and the distribution of clothing and footwear was continued tirelessly.

• Canteens on the way to La Casita, La Plata, Province of Buenos Aires.
We continue to collaborate with the dining room so that they can carry out their community classes in cooking, sewing, pastry, computers, chess and different community nutrition talks aimed at mothers.