Newsletter May / July 2017



Sumando Manos News!


Dear Friends:

We are in the year 2017 and still today, there are thousands of children around the world who have no water to drink, cook or sanitize. 





For children in rural schools and border areas, access to safe drinking water is synonymous to health; water is transformative and can change their lives. It is still our goal to provide them with the opportunity to have better health, education and more possibilities to develop. This task can only be achieved together.


Next, we share the report of projects and achievements of the months of April, May and June of this year, so that we can celebrate the minor and great achievements.  

Thank you for joining hands and getting help to so many kids!



In school No. 4118 "Dr. Gustavo Martínez Zubiria", located in El Gallinato, La Caldera, Salta, Argentina; Water filters, and PVC pipes were installed with a tap to irrigate the orchard, a work completed in conjunction with the Sumando Solidaridad Foundation and Santiago del Hoyo. This school rotates between 9 and 16 students, but the community benefited by the work is of 55 people.


School No. 373/01, in Paraje El Boton, Misiones, Argentina; Received rain boots for the students, which will allow them to walk to the school on roads in which the mud typically makes their journey very difficult.



The schools of Misiones and Chaco, Argentina were sent clothes, footwear, school supplies, a freezer and a girl's bicycle. 




185 children attending the Early Childhood Space Workshops of the "Pequeños Pasos" Civil Association received the donations collected by the generous students of the Tarbut School in Olivos. They received basic necessities items enough to assemble packages for all the children. 



 Rural schools of
El Soberbio, Misiones Argentina were visited by the Civil Association Santa Clara and members of Sumando Manos, who traveled to provide medical treatment to the

 kids and left donations of food, clothing and school supplies in 6 of them. All are located in areas of difficult access in the jungle.



 School No. 373/01 of El Botón,

which houses the workshop to manufacture joggings and alpargatas, received a special visit from volunteers who spent time with the children, and with the educational community - the teachers and the director Osvaldo Bordón - On that occasion a plaque dedicated to Guille Donaire' memory was installed. There are more photos and videos of the visit on our Facebook page.





We continue to add schools to our monthly "Breakfast for a Child" meal program. Additionally, these institutions receive donations that include clothing, footwear, school supplies, books, toys, computers, medicines, non-perishable food and other items according to the needs of children.






The school No. 916 "Tomas Acevedo", in Paraje La Gloria, Dept. Güemes JJ Castelli, Chaco Province, Argentina was the objective of a fundraising event in which $5,000 USD were raised;, that will be used to cover the cost of installing a well. This was made possible by the successful soccer lightning tournament in memory of Guille Donaire on Saturday June 24th from Soccer Planet USA.












At the facilities of the Camino a la Casita Organization where the "Dale" program is developed, the Right to Learn to Read and Write; Repairs were carried out in the classroom, playground and classroom of various activities (chess, computer, drawing, music). It is a privilege to be part of this beautiful work!



For more information about our work, visit

where you can make a donation and continue to trust our organization to be the link between your generosity and the children who need it.