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Daniel Donaire

My name is Daniel, I and my wife Cecilia learnt about the “Sumando Manos” Foundation through my brother Guillermo. I and my wife are Argentineans and we have been living for approximately seven years in Miami, State of Florida. We were happy to know that “Sumando Manos” supports and promotes non-profit projects for children and teenagers in Argentina. One of these projects consists of supporting a home where the government sends children between 9 and 17 years old who face different family problems.

At present, 15 children live at the home which is located at the city of Buenos Aires, the Argentine capital.

We were enthusiastic about this particular project because we have the chance to keep a direct relation with the people who manage the home as well as the children.

For this year, we have started with some ideas (which we have consulted with the director of the home). One of them is to send a surprise breakfast and a cake to each child on his birthday.  The cakes are not always the same as the idea is that the child who celebrates his birthday asks for the cake he likes best. We thought that, we this gesture, we could help with the money to buy the cake and also to put the child’s name on the cake to make him know that somebody was thinking of him. It is important to let them feel they are loved, that someone thinks about them and to awake on them their self-esteem, let them feel they are not worthy of our compassion but of our love and respect. On their birthdays, we ring them up to know if everything arrived and how they spent their days. Nothing different from what we would like for us.

Thus we show to those who want to help that not only with money can we cooperate, our help can also consist of any gesture we feel like doing and with which we could generate a mutual commitment. It is also important that the children see how wonderful is to help others and make them smile with the help they receive and at the same time promote their solidarity  so that they could do the same when they have the chance. Perhaps some of these children feel they have no future, when in fact they have all their lives ahead of them.

As for my wife and I,  our aim is achieved if we can at least help to change the life of one of them.

Ceci and Dani

1424 Collins Ave. Miami Beach. FL 33139. USA
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